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tv   Today  NBC  August 2, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back in a half an hour with a live look update. good morning. breaking overnight, the u.s. launches a long-range missile test from california. another strong message for north korea. secretary of state rex tillerson weighing in on the crisis in his first briefing since taking office six months ago. is there still hope for a diplomatic solution. nbc news exclusive. the 71-year-old grandfather involved in this ugly airport confrontation with the united employee speaking out for the first time. >> i remember stumbling back and then i remember falling. >> the united agent seeing it differently. >> i think he lost his balance and that's when he fell. >> who is telling the truth? terrifying strike.
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new video of an airport worker being struck by lightning on the tarmac. this morning how he survived and why some are calling it a miracle. all that plus the last of the 12 escapees from an alabama jail caught. amazon's massive job fair. and he's out. the catch that has this player and fans head over heels today on august 2nd, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today." on this wednesday morning. we appreciate you joining us. steamy here in new york. >> it is. >> hoda is here while savannah continues on vacation. >> you like that catch? >> i have to pick my jaw off the ground. that's, where you're a baseball fan or not, you watch that and go wow. one more time. >> austin jackson, making a bid
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for catch of the year. we'll see how that works out. we have a lot to talk about this wednesday morning. let's start with this breaking news breaking overnight. the u.s. military launching a long-range missile test from california. the trump administration sending a signal to north korea in the face of a growing nuclear crisis. as secretary of state rex tillerson speaks out about the escalating tensions with the isolated regime. we have it all covered this morning started with nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, matt. secretary of state tillerson juggling crises in both russia and north korea as the u.s. sends a strong signal to kim jong-un overnight. early this morning, the u.s. military testing a long-range missile from california's vandenberg air force base. a not so shuttle show of face, coming just days after north korea's second icbm test in a week. tillerson sends a direct message
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to kim jong-un, let's talk. >> we're not your enemy. we're not your threat. but you're presenting an unacceptable threat to us. and we have to respond. >> reporter: the twin approach military muscle, combined with diplomacy, strongly endorsed by a former pentagon chief. >> you need a strong military effort, you need a strong diplomatic effort if there's going to be any hope of dealing with north korea. >> reporter: the conciliatory tone from tillerson offering a stark contrast from trump. lindsey graham saying the president told him this about north korea. >> if there's going to be a war to stop him, it will be over there. if thousands die, they're going to die over there. they are not going to die here, and he's told me that to my face. >> reporter: on russia, after vladimir putin ordered to remove over half of the u.s. embassy staff. >> i told lavrov repeatedly, the situation is bad but it could get worse. and it just did. does it make our life more difficult?
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of course, it makes our life more difficult. >> reporter: all this over rumors that tillerson might quit over disagreements with the president. >> he calls me late at night on the weekends when something comes into his head and he wants to talk, but i think if we're not having those differences, i'm not sure i'm serving him. so i would tell you the relationship between the president and myself is good. >> reporter: and brushing off concerns about the president's foreign policy tweets, like recent ones blasting china for north korea. how complicated is it for you to do your job with sometimes the president, the commander in chief, contradicting u.s. foreign policy on twitter. >> just like anything else, it's part of the environment in which we work. we'll adapt to it. >> reporter: today, tillerson joins defense secretary mattis at a closed briefing of the senate foreign relations committee, which has been critical of tillerson's proposed deep cuts in the diplomatic corps. back to you. >> andrea, thanks so much. now, to the new backlash that president trump is facing
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from members of his own party, as well as his own administration. the backlash is growing as the white house confirms he was personally involved in addressing the fallout from his son's 2016 trump tower meeting with the russians. nbc's national correspondent peter alexander is at the white house with the latest on all of that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. increasingly, the most important dispute here in washington, the growing tensions between the president and his party. president trump's o president and his party. his son, eric, taking aim at lawmakers, criticizing them for not fighting hard enough to accomplish his father's agenda, as republicans are looking for ways the work around president trump. call it the republican revolt. this morning, new signs of the souring relationship between the president and members of his own party. on capitol hill, gop senators like lamar alexander, jeff flake and lindsey graham are among those pushing back, breaking with the president on everything from health care, to attacks on jeff sessions. >> i will push back.
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i will call him out. when he is saying things bad for the country. >> reporter: trump venting with his party online. tweeting it's sad that republicans, even some that were carried over the line on my back, do little to protect their president. and tuesday, white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders underscored that point. >> what's hurting the legislative agenda is congress' inability to get things passed. >> reporter: the dissent isn't just coming from capitol hill. the president is facing a grow ing backlash from its own ranks. the acting head of the agency rebuking the issue. >> when you see thugs being thrown into a back of a paddy wagon, you see them thrown in, rough. i said please don't be too nice. >> reporter: the nation's top
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narcotics officer, chuck rosenberg, in this memo obtained by nbc news, telling his nearly 9,000 agents and staff worldwide, to ignore the president's comments that condone police misconduct. why weigh in? we have an obligation to speak out when something is wrong. jeff sessions in atlanta, urging police to conduct themselves lawfully. >> i will always use the powers of the office i've been entrusted with to hold any officer responsible who violates the law. >> reporter: the president's press secretary insisting he was trying to be funny. >> it wasn't a directive. it was a joke. there's a big difference. >> reporter: the white house on the defensive today after a report that the president personally dictated a statement from donald trump jr. about his son's 2016 meeting with a russian lawyer. despite denials from the president's personal lawyer last month. >> the president was not involved in the drafting of the statement and did not issue the statement. >> reporter: the president's aides contradict that. >> he didn't dictate. but, like i said, he weighed in, offered a suggestion, like any father would do. >> reporter: the white house denying this morning that president trump took a swing at
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his current residence, 1600 pennsylvania avenue. "sports illustrated" saying that the president recently explained his visits to the golf club. telling a group of club members that white house is a real dump. a white house spokesperson denying that ever occurred. former first daughter chelsea clinton responded to the president's reported criticism, saying thank you to all the white house ushers, butlers, maids, chefs, florists, gardeners for all you do every day. matt and hoda. >> peter, thank you so much. look who is here. chuck todd joins us here. >> happy august. >> potpourri for you this morning. let's start with what seems to be a changing dynamic in washington, members of the president's own cabinet, even distances themselves from him or outright disagreeing with him. what's driving this? >> i think it's the frustration of how things have gone the first six months. you hear about quiet
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conversations that are had. in the foreign policy community. you had a rex tillerson and the defense secretary, jim mattis, who were hoping that john kelly would take this chief of staff role. the way the white house, interacted with the pentagon. they felt emboldened to do that. and on capitol hill, i think this, frankly, lack of fear of him that -- >> because of the failure of health care. because of low polling numbers? >> i think it's a combination of all of it. and the fact he seems a bit feckless right now. and there isn't a penalty -- there's no penalty for disagreement. >> senator jeff flake disagreed with him strongly in the last couple days. we expected to hear something from trump. a tweet or something. but there was nothing but crickets after that. >> you have to give the credit to john kelly. i think he's using his honeymoon period well.
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he immediately went in and got rid of anthony scaramucci. realizing that was a boil that needed to be lanced immediately. he's had enough impact on the president to keep him from tweeting. yesterday could have gone horribly wrong for him. he could have trashed jeff flake early. and republican senators would do what? defend jeff flake. he stays quiet, and what do senators do? distance themselves from jeff flake. not from the president. maybe he learned something. when you keep your mouth shut, you might actually stop people from trashing you. >> that word, elusive word, discipline. >> why haven't we heard anything on trump from putin's call to dispel the 750 staff? nothing. >> it's not a question for me. it's for the president. it's amazing how much, how often, there is an open question like that. huh? why hasn't he said something in response to what putin did? why are we responding to the russians this way? there's curiosities and all fall
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under the umbrella we seem to be publicly pressuring the russians less. you can draw your own conclusions why that is. but i think that is why he can't shake this cloud, never mind the actual evidence coming. because of the way he acts. >> quickly before you go. north korea, we heard secretary of state rex tillerson talk about north korea. stressing our military resolve, at the same time, telling north korea, we're not your enemies. we had lindsey graham saying the president has told him to his face that he's willing to fight a war on the korean peninsula to avoid the possibility of a nuclear strike by north korea here. the president says he's disappointed in china. tillerson says it's not china's fault. what is our policy on north korea? >> we don't have one. but that was news to a lot of people yesterday when rex tillerson said let's negotiate. that harkins back to george w. bush. >> trump said that earlier. >> that's right.
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and if you're thinking about using the military option, you have to exhaust the diplomatic option. we really haven't even begun. they have had one back channel attempt at having a conversation in the first six months. and it fell through. i think there's a lot of spade work that needs to be done to start that back channel conversation. >> all right, chuck. thank you very much. >> nice to see you. now, to an update on a story we're following all week. an escaped alabama inmate on the run since sunday, is behind bars this morning. 24-year-old brady kilpatrick was arrested in florida about 800 miles from the jail he ran from. kilpatrick and others escaped after tricking a guard into opening a jailhouse door by using peanut butter to cover the numbers on the door. the other 11 inmates were captured within hours. officials in florida are going to keep a close eye on
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kilpatrick and quote he's not getting anymore peanut butter. a ground worker at a airport is out of the hospital this morning, after getting struck by lightning on the tarmac. tammy leitner has the latest on his recovery. tammy, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. 21-year-old austin dunn suffered serious burns. but incredibly he's been released from the hospital just two weeks after this near-death experience. now, our nbc affiliate, wbbh got the surveillance video. and it shows a lightning bolt coming out of nowhere, nearly ending this young man's life. airport surveillance cameras capturing the exact moment a bolt of lightning struck a plane on the tarmac at southwest florida international airport. you can see the bolt hit the tail of a plane. the powerful electric current traveling through the fuselage. another camera angle shows a burst of electricity toward airport worker, austin dunn. causing him to immediately collapse to the ground. >> i was driving. my dad called and said your brother was electrocuted.
7:14 am
>> reporter: surveillance footage shows three workers back the airplane off. dunn, working for an airport contractor, in orange, ducks under the plane's wing. that's when the lightning bolt hit him, traveling out of his left hand and out of his right. his co-workers are tying to flag down for help. >> all i ask is he is alive. we got there and once we knew he was alive, we were -- it was a relief. but it was definitely a scary thing. >> reporter: the 21-year-old suffered third-degree burns on his body and bleeding on his brain. >> the bleeding in the brain stopped. as of right now, he's doing what is expected. i mean, it's traumatizing. >> reporter: airport officials say lightning warning systems were activated at the time dunn was hit. this morning, dunn's family and friends say, they are relieved he's alive and making progress.
7:15 am
>> it's a miracle. i can't -- the prayers, we all prayed. and he came through. >> reporter: nbc news reached out to dunn's employer, as well as sun country airline to find out what their policy is at employees being near planes in a storm. we have not heard back yet. matt, back to you. >> tammy, thank you very much. let's show you that incredible catch we showed you at the top of the show. cleveland indians' austin jackson robbing ramirez of a home run. that happened in the fifth inning of the game. jackson leaps up. gets the ball, flips over the wall, right into the red sox bullpen. it happened at fenway park. even red sox fans gave jackson a real good ovation. a lot of people calling this the catch of the year. hard to disagree. but boston went on to win that game, 12-10. >> one of the first of many birthday gifts.
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>> thank you so much. it's going to be a nice day in the northeast. in the southwest, we're looking at extremely hot temperatures. look at what happened down in florida yesterday. this is in miami, where we have reports of more than seven inches of rain in a couple of hours. led to extreme flooding. all of the cars picked up by the water. that baseball field flooded out. cars trying to drive through the flooded waters, which you should never do. you never know how deep it is. a tow truck trying to bail out people who did get stuck in the floodwaters. looking at the heat we have out west. heat warnings and heat advisories in effect in california and nevada. looking at several days of high temperatures above 100 degrees. in the northwest, we could be breaking all-time record high temperatures. all because of this flow in from the southwest, this huge ridge in the jet stream, producing the dangerously high temperatures. salem, oregon, the all-time hottest it's been 108 degrees.
7:17 am
today, we are forecasting 109. yakima, 101. boise, idaho, 101. in portland, the highest it's been is 107. we'll come close that that. 111 in medford. as we go into the weekend, while it will cool off, temperatures will be extremely hot. 99 in portland on friday. then, mid-90s heading into the weekend. around 100 in medford. for saturday and sunday. and boise dropping off by a couple of degrees. that's a look at the weather across the country. your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
7:18 am
. good morning i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are going to feel some higher humidity today and some clearing in san francisco as highs reaching 75 degrees, mostly cloudy tomorrow and the mugginess continues. 71 degrees. we'll see those high temperatures today for the inland valleys up to 101 degrees and a slight chance of dry lightning and possibly some thunderstorms between tonight and early tomorrow. the clouds continue up to i9 degrees tomorrow afternoon. >> birthday girl. coming up, nbc news exclusive. the passenger says he was pushed to the ground in this caught-on-camera confrontation is speaking out for the first time, as the former united employee accused of pushing him says he was the victim. one family story of alleged bullying and the tragic consequences for their young daughter. her parents suing the school.
7:19 am
they will join us live. first, this is "today" on nbc. c.
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yessss. i love them. stay cool with breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. i )m - -... the search continues this morning for a missing person in 7:26. good morning. i'm scott mcgrew. the search continues this morning for a missing person in the water at san francisco's ocean beach. according to coast guard officials a 911 came in around 7:30 last night of a person in distress in the water near the popular cliff house restaurant. san francisco fire officials safetied the coast guard with the search but have since left the scene. a cutter stayed to help search for the victim. this is a developing story we'll continue to monitor it. let's get a check of your very hot weather this morning. >> those temperatures heating up again. san francisco, low clouds and fog quickly clearing out there and we are also watching a disturbance well offshore tracking a lot of lightning as well moving across the central
7:27 am
coast and we will have a chance of some lightning as we go into this evening and early tomorrow as well. temperatures reaching up to 101 degrees in antioch, san jose, 93 degrees and oakland 80 while san francisco will be at 75. let's get an update on the roads with mike. >> the freeways are moving well. so we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights on. the bay shore freeway on the peninsula. here is your travel time and the worse of them would be the upper east shore at the top of your screen. half hour from highway 4 over toward the bay bridge. no surprises that bay bridge metering lights are on and we're looking through the rest of the east bay, slowing for north 238. i believe the 14th should be reopened. the big rig cleared a half hour ago so we should have that off-ramp opened. back to you. we'll have another local news update for you in half an hour.
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you can find all the news you need at have a great wednesday.
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7:30, now, on a wednesday morning. the 2nd day of august, 2017. folks downstairs who make everything happen. >> what's going on down there? a lot? looks like a lot. >> exactly. why don't we get a check of the headlines. early this morning, the u.s. launched a long-range missile test from california, sending another strong message to north korea. it comes hours after rex tillerson weighed in on the growing conflict during his first news conference as secretary of state. offering the first direct talks with the isolated regime in an attempt to find a diplomatic solution to the escalating nuclear crisis. "new york times" is reporting about uproar over affirmative action. the times are saying the trump administration is redirecting
7:31 am
resources in a conservative direction. instead using the funds to investigate and sue universities over policies they believe discriminate against white applicants. and the duke of edinburgh is heading into his last day of royal duties. the grand finale, a ceremony at buckingham palace. to benefit the royale marines. prince philip at age 96, is the longest serving consort in british history. and today is 22,219. by the way, in royal news, did you see this report in "travel & leisure" magazine, according to the former royal chef, the queen has four drinks over the course of the day. >> a woman after your own heart. >> including a glass of champagne before bed. i knew i liked her. in other news, the battle between airlines and passengers, back in the news with a little bit of a twist. in june, we showed you surveillance video seeming to capture a united airlines
7:32 am
employee roughing up a 71-year-old grandfather. now, there seems to be more to their confrontation that meets the eye. nbc's kerry sanders is at bush international airport. good morning, kerry. >> reporter: i spoke to ronald tigner who was pushed and knocked out by a former agent. mr. tigner says this is all still very upsetting to him. and he's now suing in court. fighting back, mr. anastasia, is countersuing. the video seems to show what happens when push came to shove at a united airlines terminal in houston. a united employee appears to push a 71-year-old passenger to the ground, he says knocking him out. on the video, no one from united is scene coming to help.
7:33 am
i spoke to tigner last night in an exclusive interview. when you see that video, what do you see? >> i sort of go into a panic mode candidly. it's almost scary. >> reporter: but anastasia said he was worried tigner would head-butt him. >> honestly, i got scared. >> reporter: both men have different stories of what happened. it started when tigner was given an illegible boarding pass. >> the lady behind the counter didn't understand me. didn't speak very good english. >> reporter: he says he found an agent, anastasia, and asked for help. >> he said, you need to hire people to speak english back there. >> reporter: he says he started to make racial slurs. tigner denies it. >> i did not make any slurs. >> reporter: then, it gets physical.
7:34 am
>> all of a sudden, he goes like that. and i remember stumbling back. and then, i remember falling. >> reporter: anastasia says tigner stepped on his toe, which tigner denies. and, quote, he gets in my face. >> i just backed away. i think he lost his balance and fell. >> reporter: at the time, united issued a statement saying the video shows unacceptable behavior by a united employee. he is claiming that tigner assaulted him. and he was negligent. and the airline failed to provide proper training and a safe workplace. following the counterclaim, the airline issued another statement tuesday, saying it has nothing more to add because this is an ongoing legal matter. anastasia maintains he did nothing wrong. >> i'm not going around pushing elderly people. >> reporter: tigner says it was like he was sucker-punched.
7:35 am
>> it's sad. i think they've taken away something from me that i'll never get back. >> reporter: mr. tigner's attorney says they're very much looking forward to a public trial because he says, at that point, everybody will be under oath and have to tell the truth. matt? >> confusing. kind of a he said/he said. kerry sanders, thanks. bush intercontinental airport. i misspoke before. should we turn to dylan? the birthday girl? >> i haven't opened twitter yet. thank you for the long stream i'm going to get. we're looking at strong storms likely through the northern plains later on today. and a small area from south dakota into nebraska. you can see a couple of storms for now. but we are going to see more severe weather, redevelop later this afternoon. it is a cold front. that's going to cool off temperatures a bit. we could see isolated severe
7:36 am
storms that could produce hail and winds. tomorrow, the threat includes eastern iowa, southern wisconsin. it includes chicago, too. this is where we have 15 million people under severe risk for storms. large hail and damaging winds will be the biggest threat. we could see a lot of rain fargo, right down into minneapolis/st. paul. two to three inches of rain possible over the next couple days. on the other side of that, we have cooler air that's going to start moving in. and by the time we get to tend good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we can see some clouds rolling across san francisco right now, otherwise mostly sunny and we're tracking some thunderstorms offshore just to our south. we're seeing a lot of lightning flashing here on the radar while keeping an eye on that. our humidity will be increasing and we'll have a chance of a few of those thunderstorms moving into the bay area later on this evening. we'll also have mostly cloudy skies in san francisco, highs in
7:37 am
the low 70s. inland area still very hot and muggy the next couple of days. >> dylan, thank you very much. coming up, do you let your children's friends treat you like a peer instead of a parent? we'll get into that debate. coming up next, the heart broken family of a 12-year-old girl saying her daughter was bullied. blaming the school for not helping her. we'll speak to them live after this. and one of us used up all the sunscreen! i wonder who... . we're gonna need some reinforcements...quick. copy that. walgreens makes it easy when summer needs a little help. your summer base camp is just around the corner so you can get in, out and back to those summer shenanigans. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy®. now with card, buy one, get one 50 percent off sunscreen.
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♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get 0% apr financing for 63 months on all new 2017 subaru outback models. now through august 31. back, now, on this wednesday morning, with a really disturbing story out of new jersey, where a 12-year-old girl took her own life, following alleged bullying by her classmates. now, her family says their planning to sue the school district for negligence. >> we're going to talk to mallory grossman's parents in a moment. but first, stephanie gosk has their heartbreaking story. >> reporter: mallory grossman's parents say their daughter was
7:42 am
bullied in person and through social media. the worst of it starting last january. >> it got to the point, she didn't want to go to school. chronic headaches. stomachaches. not feeling good. at one point her grades plummeted. >> for months, she was told, she's a loser. she had no friends. and finally, she was even told, why don't you kill yourself? >> reporter: in june, 12-year-old mallory, a straight-a student who loved gymnastics, committed suicide. now, seth and diane grossman say they are planning to sue the school board in rockaway, new jersey, for not doing enough to stop the bullying. the school superintendent declined to talk to nbc news about the intended suit. but in june, the school board issued a statement, in part, saying, we wish to extend our deepest sympathies. it is cooperating with an ongoing investigation and cannot respond to inaccurate rumors and accusations. mallory's case is an extreme
7:43 am
example of what's happening across the country. more than 50% of young people report being cyberbullied. 25% repeatedly. girls, more than boys. >> we're here today to bring light to the fact that this small device can be a lethal weapon in the hands of the wrong child. >> reporter: the grossmans want accountability, hoping their family tragedy may help prevent another. for "today," stephanie gosk, nbc news, roseland, new jersey. >> joined by diane and seth grossman, and their lawyer. bruce nagel. we are so sorry for your loss. we thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> you know what jumped out at me. i was reading a lot about mallory last night. and she doesn't seem to fit the description of someone who would go through this. she was popular. she had a lot of friends. she was an athlete. tell me more about her. >> i think that's really it. i think the best way to describe mallory is she's your all-american girl. she's the girl that you hope
7:44 am
that your children would grow up to be. and that's who mallory is. >> what happened at school? did something start gradually? again, she's a popular kid. did kids start picking on her? >> i think the first was, that she kind of represented to the girls that did this to her what they could never be. so, i think that's really important. and it did start in early elementary. and then, from there, it kind of gradually got worse and worse and worse. >> did she come to you? did she talk about it? and what, as a parent, could you do? i know you did contact the school. and what were you told? >> it was being investigated. and that was as far as it wednesday. went. and nothing ever came of it. >> when a lot of kids come to their parents if they're getting picked on, they say, don't say anything. it will make it worse. >> labeled a tattle-tale. >> what happened here? >> that's what mallory did.
7:45 am
she said, you're going to make it worse. please, don't. as she would bring information and things to us, we would take it to the school. and i think we followed the school's protocol. as parents, you don't want to be that parent, where you're constantly badgering the school. but when you start to see things at home that start to change who your child is, you do want to bring it to the school's attention. >> we reached out to the school district. they did not have a comment for us. you're filing suit against the school district. what do you think they should have done? what does the suit aim to accomplish? what should they have done? what should they have done that they didn't do? >> it's simple. this case is a wake-up call. cyber bullying is going on in every school. in every city in the country. school administrators need to do something. when there's a report of a problem like there was repeatedly, you have to move on it. and this school did not. every school needs to learn a lesson from this case. >> you're so strong. i'm watching you. my heart's breaking.
7:46 am
how are you functioning? how are you sitting here talking to us? >> it's not easy. i call it survival. more mental survival than anything else. >> we want to honor her. we don't want another parent to walk in our shoes. it's the most painful -- it's just incredibly painful. and so, for us, we want to honor. >> you say you don't want another parent to walk in your shoes. another thing that disturbed me reading this story, you reached out, to one of the parents of the young ladies you felt was bullying mallory. and what did that parent say to you? >> dismissal, denial. she said, oh, my god, it's no big deal. do you want my daughter to apologize or something? it was complete outrage. i couldn't believe it. if i got a phone call like that -- >> she defended her position. didn't see anything wrong with it. >> we want to thank you guys for coming on with us. it was really brave of you. hopefully a lot of parents are
7:47 am
watching and can learn something. >> thank you, as well. we're going to be back with more right after this. helping her daughter, shopping for groceries, unclogging the sink, setting up dentist appointments and planning birthday parties, nobody does it better. she's also in a rock band. look at her shred. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for maria, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. wecage-free and we care about amazing taste. because at best foods,
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7:50 am
it's that time of day. we turn over to the orange room.
7:51 am
sheinelle is in for carson. all dressed in orange. >> in this age of social media, it's become standard for a bride and groom to combine their names in a hash tag for people to share weddi ding photos online. college student steven kleinschmidt actively tweeted i want to apologize now to my feature wife. as his tweet went viral, he was met with sympathy from other guys, like david schwartz schwartzenberger. #, commit to kleinschmidt. and julianna goes with the win, to the end of klein, i'm schmidten. use your imagination. this got us thinking about the hash tag trend, in general.
7:52 am
look at wedding hash tags. so far, 59% think they're lame. and 41% say adorable. >> i'm shocked. >> if you're struggling and social media isn't around to help, there's hash tag generators online that will do the job for you. dylan, you have your own. >> if i got married, i wanted to be bridedyl party. >> that's genius. >> you can turn back time. >> i missed a golden opportunity. >> sheinelle, thank you very much. coming up, you go on amazon for everything else. today, you can go to the giant retailer for a job. how they're hiring a whopping 50,000 people. 50,000 people. these fancy weather i no loh the uncertainties of hep c. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good wednesday morning. it is 7:56. i'm kari hall. we are taking a look at a hazy view of san jose right noy. starting out this morning with mild temperatures and then i'm also tracking the thunderstorms just to the south of us moving across the central coast and it's rolling offshore. this will be moving into the bay area later on this evening with some higher humidity and some really hot temperatures from the delta to the tri-valley and the south county, morgan hill up to 100 degrees today. san francisco will see a high of 75 and oakland up to 80 degrees. santa rosa heading up to 90 degrees there. let's get an update on the morning commute from mike. >> we have minor crashes around the bay. the one i want to focus on is the in the south bay over off to the left side of your screen there. nothing major as far as the slowing. we have that silicon valley commute heading northbound of
7:57 am
course. westbound across the dunbarton and san mateo bridges sorting themselves out now. an easier drive overall across the spans but much more crowding so slowing once you get west of highway interstate 80. the bay bridge, the lower deck was slow. you see where that arrow is, slow coming northbound and on to the skyway there and down from the east shore freeway that's a mild commute but still over half an hour as you're traveling westbound 80. 31 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge. happening now, president trump is signed the russian sanctions bill into law. it restricts trump's own ability to ease sanctions which were put in place against moscow by former president barack obama. those sanctions in response to russia's meddling into last year's election. the retailer's prepared to offer thousands of jobs on the spot at nearly a dozen warehouses across the u.s. we'll have more news coming up in a half an hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ it's 8:00 on "today" and coming up primed and ready. thousands of people lining up this morning to score a job with amazon as the tech giant holds job fares across the country. so, is it a sign of the end of traditional retail jobs? we're live at one of the fairs. plus, hope in tragedy. golf star david ferity speaks out after losing his son to a drug overdose. this morning how his family is urging others to reach out and seek the help they need. how's the weather? >> rain starting any minute and i'm getting soaked. >> we put popular weather apps to the test.
8:01 am
so, just how accurate are they? what you need to know before heading outside. today, wednesday, august 2nd, 2017. ♪ >> who do we have here? >> dance champions! >> all natural blauondes. >> where are you going? >> university of missouri. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday to you, dylan. >> i love this. i just took a 21 1/2 hour louisiana bar exam and all you want to do is -- >> be on the "today" show. >> i like the hair dos out there today. they're classic. >> and a little sticky out there today. some fizzy hair today. welcome back, everyone. on this wednesday morning hoda's here while savannah continues on
8:02 am
vacation. >> how are we doing today? >> we've been telling people. we want everyone to know. the news from washington this morning being dominated by escalating tensions overseas and friction here at home between the president and his own party. hallie jackson has the latest on this. hallie, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. certainly the foreign policy challenges making news this morning. we have breaking news here in washington. president trump just within the last few minutes here has now signed into law a bill that cracks down with tougher sanctions against russia, specifically along with north korea and iran. this is a significant move and it is one that is days in the making. congress overwhelmingly passed this bill friday and sent it to the president's desk. but the white house has said the president was conducting a legal review, essentially, of this bill. it is now the law of the land sending a message to moscow regarding those sanctions.
8:03 am
that's not the only foreign policy issue that the white house is confronting today. we're also talking about north korea. specifically after that overnight launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile from the u.s. from the california coast. consider that a warning shot, essentially, a show of force to pyongyang five days after north korea fired off its own missile. lots happening today in washington. most of it centering on those challenges overseas. matt, back to you in new york. >> certainly is, hallie jackson. thank you very much. a safety hazard you may not even know about. this one behind the recall of hundreds of thousands of iphone cases. electronics have liquid and glitter floating inside the plastic. the company had two dozen reports of the liquid leaking out causing blisters and burns. the cases were sold online and retail stores. owners should stop using them immediately and contact them online. this morning a lot of people
8:04 am
are lining up across the country and hoping to get hired by amazon. nbc business correspondent jolene kent is in robbinsville, new jersey. jo, good morning to you. >> matt, hoda, good morning. very crowded. we're at one of 12 sites. amazon wants to hire about 50,000 people today. many of those jobs offered on the spot and take a look at this line. it's all hang right in here. they want to be competitive, but amazon is not the only major retailer staffing up right now. the amazon empire is expanding yet again. but, instead of striking another retail deal, today ceo jeff bezos is hiring 50,000 new workers. some on the spot. to mark the occasion, the company is calling it the first ever amazon jobs day. rolling out tours, information sessions and interviews at 12 locations across the country. >> i'm in between work and, basically, i need a job. >> reporter: amazon's beefing up staff in order to keep up with
8:05 am
growing customer orders from its warehouse distribution centers to luring applicants amid an improving labor market. amazon is offering what it is calling competitive pay and premium benefit packages, including health insurance, company stock and tuition assistance. >> we believe that we should give the same type of benefits to people across the company, whether you're in seattle or a fulfillment center. amazon is one of several major retailers already staffing up for the upcoming holiday season and beyond. this week, walmart, the country's biggest employer holding events. macy's plans to hire 80,000 workers later this year and target is adding 2,600 jobs ahead of new store openings this fall. but amazon is proving to be a fierce competitor. in jacksonville, florida, last month so many job seekers turned out to an amazon job fair the company canceled its second day because the openings were filled. >> amazon just continues to grow.
8:06 am
as it is right now, small businesses, even large businesses are having a very hard time competing and keeping up with amazon. >> reporter: delivering another threat to traditional retail from the inside out. now, here at this job's fair in new jersey, they want to hire about 1,500 workers today. this line snakes all around the block and all around the fulfillment center and heading to the jobs fair now. this is part of amazon's larger plan to hire 130,000 workers by next year. >> wow. that's a lot. >> that's something. >> thank you very much. you know what time it is? time for hoda's morning boost. what do you have today? >> here's one. did you hear about the seven priests that walked into a bar. >> no, tell me about it. >> the doorman would not let them in. he thought they were there for some wild bachelor party dressed up in costume. while the manager got involved, it turned out the men were actually seminary students they're priests in training and
8:07 am
celebrating a friend's ordination. they were invited right back in the pub and, you know what they got, a round of applause from the regulars. they got a round of ale on the house. not so shabby. >> can't judge a book by its cover. way to go. >> by the way, if you have an idea for my morning boost, share it with us at >> that's what the morning boost is. got it. much more to come on a wednesday morning. including an exclusive look at the "will & grace" reboot. we'll hear from the beloved stars. on rossen reports, do those weather apps work as well as they promise? a solar powered cell charger to a chair that gets as small as a water bottle. don't forget the food. our camping cookout will be a feast with luzasagna and drinks. first, these messages. e to the . i brought you this pie to see if you're weird.
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the things that i consume a lot of it is very acidic. the enamel on the teeth was actually weakening. the whiteness wasn't there as much. my teeth didn't look as healthy as others. my dentist said that pronamel would help fight against that erosion that foods and drinks were causing. so it was really important to start using the pronamel. it will be one less thing you have to worry about. pronamel is now giving me the confidence to know that i'm doing the right thing. so it's nice to know that it was as simple as that. ♪ back, now, with a heartfelt tribute with a member of our extended family here. >> david feherty is a smart and funny guy. and he's been open with his own struggles with adirection. now, speaking out about a family tragedy, hoping to help others.
8:12 am
keir simmons has more on that. >> reporter: there's a message about reaching out to each other here. it's every parents' first nightmare, your child killed by an overdose. but for david feherty, the pain is raw. it's a battle he fought and won himself. his beautiful blue jays could captivate a room. but they could not stare down the enemy that lurked in the shadows. that enemy, his family says, drug addiction. through our heartbreak, we share shey's story, in the hopes it will touch another person who is battling with addiction. shey's father, david feherty, tweeting, my first born son is good eveni gone from me, dying of an overdose on his 21st birthday. a plano, texas, police report, says shey's mother called 911 to her home on saturday morning. she was going cpr on her son by
8:13 am
the time police arrived. david feherty's spirited personality has been a feature of golf coverage for two decades. but he has fought his own battle with depression and addiction, as he told bryant gumbel next year on hbo's "real sports." >> and bad elbows when i played. got into painkillers. >> percocet, vicodin? >> vicodin, mostly. percocet if i got lucky. i needed more and more to that place i wanted to be. >> reporter: this week, a federal health study reveals one-third of american adults used prescription opioids in 2013. that's 90 million people. and david telling "rolling stone" in 2013, there was cocaine, there was dope. i think about it now, why am i alive. a struggle with adirectidiction feherty shared. the family tribute going on to
8:14 am
say, please know there's no shame in asking for help. our shey is gone from us now. but you can help keep his light shining and focused, if you reach out to another who suffers. and the medical examiner's office, says the result of an autopsy result will be four to six weeks. we don't know which drug may have caused feherty's death. there's no words. >> i spent some time with david not long ago. and he talked about the challenge of addiction and what a struggle it has been. david, if you're watching, our condolences go out to you and your family. let's turn and take a check of the weather from dylan. >> we're going to see a cooldown back through the northern plains and upper midwest. this cold front will trigger some storms today. and it is going to significantly cool off as we go through tomorrow and the next day. st. louis, 89 today. bismarck, north dakota, about
8:15 am
73. tomorrow, watch what happens to temperatures. 65 in minneapolis. 73 in pierre. louisville at 87. but then temperatures will dip down, as well. chicago by friday, a high of only 64 degrees. that has that fall-ish feel, which is a shock to the system, considering it's early august. we have potential of some severe storms with large hail and damaging winds, through south-central south dakota and through most of good morning. i'm meteorologist carrie hall. it is going to be really hot, especially for parts of the south bay today. san jose up to 93 degrees, 102 degrees in gil roy today. as we head over towards the east bay, looking at all these widespread triple digits today, walnut creek up to 102, oakland 80 degrees and for the peninsula a range of temperatures at 67 in half moon bay to 91 in palo alto and the north bay up to 96.
8:16 am
>> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. what do you say we start "trending"? >> let's do it. >> i want to take you back to your childhood. a longer trip for some of us than others. when you were 10 or 12 years old, what did you call your friends' pornparents? did you call them mr. and mrs. smith? or by their first names? >> mr. and mrs. >> most were mr. and mrs. but my one friend, jeanine, i called her name ger. >> that was her name? >> it was weird. >> an op-ed in t"the washington post" caught our eye, it's time to treat your children that i'm not their friend. i'm a grown-up. her kids' friends see her as a peer. growing up, i didn't know my friends' parents had first names. there was a line between kids and adults we inherently
8:17 am
understood. i don't know why these boundaries seem to have eroded. do you think they've eroded? >> when i moved to new york, i was surprised. all of the kids at schools, the teachers go by their first names. there's no more ms. jones. i told my kids not to. but they're the only kids in class that use the miss or mr. >> i have mila say yes, ma'am, mommy, to me. when other friends ask her, i say yes, miss goff. and people think it's strange. but it's what i grew up doing. >> i have trouble calling my parents' parents by their first names. >> and me, too. my kids, their friends, i want them to call me mr. lauer. i think it's presumptuous if they don't call you that. >> the age for that? >> after college. zm >> i still call my father-in-law mr. hager. he's an older man.
8:18 am
and i call him mr. hager. he says, call me john. call me john. >> your friends called your dad mr. president. >> and one time, i had a boyfriend that called him big george. he wasn't a boyfriend for much longer. >> didn't call him el jefe? >> that didn't go on very well. >> there aren't many options, it's mr. or mrs. or the first name. sir would work, as well. >> that was a good one. >> i think we're all on the same -- >> we all agree. >> call me mr. >> yes, ms. jones. we begin with "will & grace." the magazine sat down with the stars of the reboot. explained how one small get together for an election video led to the reboot of our dreams. >> we got the script for the -- yeah. for the election video.
8:19 am
and i read the script, picked up my phone and i e-mailed max and said, why can't we do the show again? and he e-mailed back, we can. >> i thought about the four of us being an orchestra. and each of us playing a different instrument and creating a musicality together. once we started to play again, it was like, oh. >> i think the show will always be what it's always been. >> just jack. >> yes. >> you missed it. >> they will be ignoring the season fie untnale where will a grace pubumped into each other. and jack is their no-knocking neighbor. the issue hits newsstands friday and "will & grace" premieres friday the 28th. now, ryan reynolds, the actor opens up about fame and
8:20 am
fatherho fatherhood. he says, i don't take a second of it for granted. and hollywood has its parenting perks, such as being able to take time off between projects. ryan said, i love to see my kids grow and evolve. and i hope i get to do that for a huge amount of their lives. and he cooks for his wife, blake live lively. if i cook, you will have a structure fire. >> i love it. >> that's your "pop start." >> time for the "daly click." >> rubick. >> this is "the daly click" today. there's ways to pass time. this subway rider, impressive. he was captured on camera. casually sitting in a seat, solving the rubik's cube with one hand. with his eyes closed. the best part around this, look.
8:21 am
no one seems to be paying any attention, other than the passenger with the camera. he shared it online. and the video has been viewed thousands of times. >> i think i solved it. >> did you? >> once you pick off the stickers. coming up, this morning on "rossen reports," more of our special series, keeping your safe. can the popular weather apps protect you from severe weather? >> "today" national correspondent jeff rossen went storm chasing. >> we've been reporting on severe weather. m monsoons out west, tropical storms in the east. i want to know what to wear, what to bring. if there's a dangerous thunderstorm, i want to know that, too. now, there's apps that will tell you when rain will start and stop, telling you if rain will be a drizzle or light or heavy. they know where you're standing. the question is, how well do they work? and how accurate are they? this morning, we are trying them out.
8:22 am
wild weather this storm season. in tennessee, hail smashing through car windows. in new jersey, lightning toppling trees. and worse, this summer, surv surveillance video catching this bolt of lightning striking just feet away from this woman. she runs for cover. the sweeping water trapping 17 hikers in arizona. rescuer plucking the victims out of the rushing water to safety. how do you make sure you're not caught in a dangerous storm? we're trying out three popular weather apps that make predictions minute-by-minute. rain aware, dark sky and fresh air, using default settings. i've recruited my producers. we've each downloaded one of these apps. we're standing, as you can see, all in the same park here in mobile, alabama, checking the
8:23 am
weather. i'll go first. i downloaded dark sky. it is saying, possible drizzle for the hour. a 59% chance of rain, drizzle right now. but it's not doing anything. what is yours saying? >> i'm using rain aware. for the next three hours, dry. >> dry for three hours. >> three hours. >> mine says it's going to rain soon. >> i'm using fresh air. and mine says it's going to start raining in the next hour or so. >> they can't all be right. we're going to stand here in the rain, maybe, and see. just minutes later, the skies open up. it's raining out here now. dark sky is saying 100% chance of rain and that it's stopping in three minutes. but it just changed, very quickly. it literally went from possible to it's raining after it started raining. what about you? >> rain aware changed, too, rain starting any minute and i'm getting soaked. >> i'm putting my umbrella up. >> mine says partly-cloudy. i wouldn't have my umbrella up.
8:24 am
it says partly-cloudy. >> reporter: the apps struggled with forecasting. that's why we want them. how do they perform in the middle of a storm? we find ourselves in mississippi. it's pouring here. this is dark sky. here it is. heavy rain and there's a flood warning here. so, dark sky getting it right, in the middle of the storm, which is good. which one do you have? >> i'm using fresh air. mine says just rain. i can confirm it's raining. >> reporter: it's not saying thunderstorm. >> and rain aware, raining, as well. >> reporter: and look at that lightning bolt. rain aware, the only app warning this is a thunderstorm. rain aware telling nbc news, there's various settings that make it more accurate. call it a professional weather tool. adding, it takes time to become
8:25 am
proficient at using it. and the reviews speak for themselves. encouraging users to try it for an entire season. dark sky and fresh air did not respond to our request for comment. i'm drenched all the way through. love you guys. thank you. don't quit. >> no promises. >> reporter: by the way, you can apply for that producer job -- all the apps, they're under $5 each. experts say they can be helpful. best to use them with a radar app to see where the weather is coming from, where it's headed. there's a free one used my radar. really cool. you can watch the system and make a determination for yourself when it's coming. >> what's your go-to? >> the weather channel. dark sky and my radar. >> which one to you like? >> they're now-casting. they're looking at the radar and predicting for the next five minutes. just like we use all different weather models, each app uses a
8:26 am
different model. it's how they interpret it. contact your local meteorologist for the most accurate forecast. >> it'si )m ... =vo= a new surveillance picture shows the woman - who good morning, everyone. 8:26. i'm scott mcgrew. a new surveillance picture shows the woman who police say stabbed a san jose mercury news reporter more than a dozen times. late last month police say the woman robbed the man at his will low glen home and then stabbed him. police have possession of a bike that's also seen in that photograph. >> we are processing the bicycle to determine if there's any fingerprints or evidence that might lead to the identification of the female. 200 pounds with long dark hair. let's get a check of your traffic with mike. >> looking over all the bay, showing a nice pleasant drive. take you to two key spots. one is getting better. this is 101 northbound.
8:27 am
slow from brisbane to san francisco. the earlier disabled vehicle getting out of the city did clear but caused quite a disturbance. in the south bay, northbound 101 reported at mckee, a motorcycle crash. we see that traffic is slow a t tad bit. a motorcycle crash is causing the back-up near the 680 interchange. scott, back to you. >> mike, thanks. we'll have another local news update coming for you in half-an-hour. we'll see you then. this busy mom spends her days driving all over town. so why is she smiling? because she shopped during the safeway anniversary sale and filled up her trunk with grocery savings,
8:28 am
plus earned 4 times the gas reward points. now that's something to smile about. right now, get pepsi 12-pack 12-ounce cans, buy 2 get 2 free, and lay's chips, 9.5 -10 ounces, 2 for $5 with your club card. the safeway anniversary sale. come in and explore.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ we're back, now. 8:30 on this wednesday morning. it's the second day of august, 2017. otherwise known as dylan's birthday. >> you can keep saying it over and over again. >> it's sticky out here. if these people stay here until friday -- >> what happens? >> it won't be pleasant. >> but they get to see a great
8:31 am
concert from country superstar brad paisley. you have been sending in picks all week long. he will perform the song you voted for on the plaza on friday morning. >> it's that time of the day when we track somebody down. this kid just asked me if it's wines day wednesday. yes, it is. look who we found. we daufound the 2017 world champions from canton, ohio. y'all are a dance team? >> yeah. >> are you ready to have fun? >> yeah. >> we're going to do the five count back here with the coach. we're ready. >> five, six, seven, eight. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. one, two, three, four, five, sick, seven, eight. pose. [ cheers and applause ] >> you guys, that was awesome.
8:32 am
great job, you guys. one, two, three, four. >> you didn't participate in that was the only shocking thing of the morning. coming up, you guys, who likes camping? do you like it? okay, ish. whether you're taking your family in the wild or just doing a cookout in the back yard, we have some of the gear you're going to need and great recipes that will help you with your great outdoor adventure. first, birth day girl with a check of the weather. >> we're looking at hot temperatures in the northeast. humid, too. that's going to make it uncomfortable. that stretches back into the midwest. but that cold front will cool things down a bit. storms into south dakota and nebraska, as well. heavy rain in florida and eastern texas into louisiana. all about the record heat out west. even hotter tomorrow with all-time record high temperatures possible. on the flip side of that, cool weather will work in behind that
8:33 am
front. we could see highs in chicago, only in the 60s and 70s. it's going to be 10 to 20 degrees below average. some of the severe storms will move into the chicago area. and also, tropical downpours along the gulf coast, into you're seeing some tropical downpours just to the south of us with some thunderstorms across santa barbara, moving across the central coast. look at the whitening firing up there. as this system moves closer to the bay area we'll feel an increase in humidity through the day and also a slight chance of thunderstorms here or the possibility of some dry lightning. it's going to be really hot from ko concord to morgan hill, reaching over 100 degrees. napa to 96 while san francisco today will see a high of 75. >> and you can find your forecast anytime on the weather channel on cable. guys? >> thank you very much. speaking of the hot
8:34 am
temperatures, extreatment heat in the summer can put a burden on your heart when you're active. >> in those moments, cpr can be critical. >> lack of training make for dismal statistics. 28% that suffer cardiac arrest outside of a hospital survive. but one young woman survived those odds. famous faces are lending their hands to an important cause. >> one hand out, one hand over like that. >> reporter: cardio pulmonary resuscitation or cpr, can be the difference between life and death. this is the spot it happened, right? have you been back here before? >> nope. first time. >> reporter: something 23-year-old molly alter found out on her last day of high school. >> everybody was in the hallway with some of my best friends. i started to feel dizzy. >> her eyes rolled back.
8:35 am
she went into cardiac arrest. >> reporter: they were seniors at newark academy. in the moment of crisis, jackie sprang into action. >> i had finished my emt training two weeks prior. my mind went blank. >> reporter: when you think about what it took to do this, what goes through your mind? >> this scenario. all of the panic signals, and jackie saying logically, what do i need to do here and starting cpr right away. >> reporter: quick thinking that gave molly a fighting chance. talk to me about what saved molly's life. >> reporter: nurse pat nearry responded to the cry for help that afternoon. administering cpr and using a defibrillator to get her heart beating again. >> what saved her life is that students acted quickly. without that, it would have had a different outcome. >> reporter: in this one, each year, there's 500,000 cardiac arrests. 92% of those cases will flat
8:36 am
line before they reach a hospital. every minute, cpr is not performed. the chance of survival drops by 10%. after ten minutes, it's virtually zero. >> your arms straight out. one hand out and one interlocked. >> reporter: holly anderson is trying to change that. three steps can save lives. >> when you see a victim of cardiac arrest, check to see if they're breathing. call 911 and begin chest compressions. to the song "staying alive." you don't have to do mouth-to-mouth anymore. >> your hands can save a life. >> reporter: hands-only cpr can double or driptriple a person's chance of living. >> use the heel of your palm to push down in the center of the chest. >> reporter: and cpr parties are popping up all over the country. how quickly do you have to act? >> you have to act right away. the worst thing to do is do nothing. do something. >> reporter: how much gratitude
8:37 am
do you have your life was saved that day? >> i'm thankful that not only do i have my life, but i have a healthy life and that's because jackie acted so quickly. >> reporter: she's now sharing her story hoping others will act. in the 25 minutes it took for an ambulance to show up, jackie and the nurse kept her heart beating. check, call, compression. that's all you need to do. and by the way, we should mention that molly is the daughter of msnbc analyst jonathan alter. >> we're glad she's okay. >> she went on to harvard and graduated. she's working in the city now. >> and is okay? >> she's okay. she had something that caused this. but once she figured it out, she's fine. >> someone said here, in high school, i think somebody else might assume they just passed out. >> right before she passed out, she said don't call the ambulance. this has happened before. she was feeling sick. and she didn't listen to her.
8:38 am
jackie called the ambulance and saved her life. >> wow. great story, jenna. >> let's all act. coming up next, cool, new gear for your camping expedition, even if it's just in the backyard. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
. camping is truly a beloved american pastime. every year about 40 million americans try it out. if you're planning to have an outdoor adventure this summer, matt bean is here with the best products. >> we're setting up camp right here. >> we're talking about whether you're in your back yard or out in the wild. first thing you need is a tent. >> this is a coleman. it's under $100. you pop that button, you don't have to run around the yard dealing with poles. >> for a novice, how long will
8:41 am
it take for me to set this up? >> maybe about 60 seconds. >> do you have cool lights? >> lumen noodles. not be only are they led inside a water proof coating, it works like a flashlight, it's all reimaginable. you can go into disco mode with this guy, all right, let's get this party started. >> so someone was going to have a lamp on their head. do you have one, jenna? >> i have a hard enough time getting into the sleeping bag. >> $40, rechargeable. >> look at these two babes in sleeping bags. >> heels and sleeping bags don't go well together so i couldn't get in. >> it's a lot hot. >> these are 55 degree rated. they pack down, so you can stick them in the back pack, keep them in your garage. right now it's 80 degrees and humid so maybe you don't need a
8:42 am
sleeping bag like that. awesome. >> check this out. this is from thermosel. it saucuses the same canister y use to cook. i guarantee this will keep the mosquitoes away better than anything. >> so we can use them in the back yard if we're having a barbecue? >> that's right. you can use them here. >> everybody loves a ma'am okhat you want to be swinging without the bugs biting you. you can pull this guy right over the top -- >> so smart! >> and cinch it closed. >> hang out all day long. look at that, matt lauer. >> give me that hammock. >> i'm afraid the hammock won't hold me. matt is in the adult version of the chair. >> how does that fold up?
8:43 am
>> it's just a little bit of aluminum in the back. >> look what it goes to. help me out. >> yours is a little bigger. >> you get them on bigging a ne -- big >> check out -- >> they call it a bacon pack. >> smells delicious. >> let's come on down here. >> if you used a head lamp, the most frustrated thing is digging around for the batteries. this is usb rechargeable. all you do is set it and forget it. >> these are lightweight walking shoes. >> these are for kids. they're a very, very popular hiking shoes adults have.
8:44 am
>> do you wear those? you were hiking? would you wear those? >> yeah. they're like paper light. >> i love this thing. everybody needs to be more environmentally responsible. in four hours this will charge up your iphone, you don't need to plug it in. >> you're wearing something. >> this is a great layering piece. every one of these you buy, they take a pound of trash out of the ocean. >> recycled. by the way, look at him sweating. >> whoo. >> a special deal on we're going to have a camping cookout next. you'll be surprised with all delicious stuff you can make while you're on the go. while you're on the go. but firs this ist, "at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey.
8:45 am
a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. wait, what's going on now? ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. ♪ let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together ♪ ♪ i've got some real estate here in my bag ♪ ♪ so i looked at the scenery. ♪ she read her magazine...
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the all-new volkswagen atlas. covered from coast to coast with america's best bumper-to-bumper limited warranty.
8:47 am
back, now, with "today food." this morning, living large outdoors, firing up a campout. elizabeth, good morning. >> good morning. >> every once in a while, there's a segment and i say, you need to prove this to me. you're going to makeagna on a camping trip? >> it was a little too much to bring lasagna to a camping trip. we're going to do most of the legwork at home. all our ingredients for our meat sauce. bechamel ingredients and our no-boil lasagna noodles. we have onions. we have celery. it's sweating with a little garlic. kind of like me right now. so, anyway, we got that already done. this is our ground beef. it's already been cooked. >> we're home here. we're doing this at home. >> all this is going to be at home. it would be a nightmare trying to take this to a campsite. we're going to add our seasonings. italian seasonings. basil, parsley.
8:48 am
a little sugar to cut the acid. and now, we just dump it. we're going to dump in our sauce. we have crushed tomatoes. you can help me with this. our beef broth. let's add that in. and a few more thoomatoetomatoe. this is going to cook for about two hours. i want that to cook down really well. >> this is part of the bechamel sauce. >> this is a beautiful bechamel. it's a cream sauce. >> what's the rue? >> flour and butter, equal parts. that's going to thicken this milk. we don't want to overcook this. once it gets thick, turn it off. we have salt and nutmeg and another bay leaf because we don't want play-doh. it will get like play-doh if you let it cook too long. >> what we did, we took our meat sauce. our bechamel. we put them in ziploc bags. those got thrown into the cooler. we lined this with parchment paper. this is genius.
8:49 am
this is why i'm a genius. we're not going to have cleanup. we're going to start with our sauce. we layer a little bit on the bottom. just squeeze it out. and you use your spatula. next, we're going to add our -- these things. no-boil lasagna noodles. best invention. if you want to add the cheese, we're going to bechamel now. >> on top of that? how many layers. >> i'm going to do three. when you finish, the last layer, the last noodle layer has to be covered completely in that sauce. >> are we cooking on an open fire? >> it will go on the fire. we'll put a lid on it. best-ever lasagna. >> so good. >> so good. >> if i do this, hoda, you're carrying the iron pot for me. that's too heavy. >> that's the only kicker. this is our skillet dessert.
8:50 am
these are pancake bites. you can buy one. that's pretty good. >> that's good. >> we will melt our butter. toss this in, let it toast up. we macerated berries. these are all in ziploc bags, throw them on top and add your berries. whether you like cake, fruit, chocolate, caramel, this is going to hit every dessert. >> this is lasagna that you make at home and drag to a camping site. >> that does not sound fun at all. he is such a fun sucker. >> that's okay. this is fun. if you don't like that -- >> i love it. it's not a camping dish, though. >> we're glamping. this is a little different than what we did in rosedale, mississippi. we're more fisophisticated now. you make your mojito. >> is there alcohol in that? >> i know. >> they're good. >> while the kids are very their
8:51 am
dessert, momma is having hers. >> how is that lasagna? >> it was delicious. >> it doesn't taste like it's cooked on that. >> it's easy because we did all of the prep at home. >> thank you very much. for all the recipes, head to back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
welcome back, everybody. it's that time of day when we celebrate birthdays. dylan, will you do the honors? >> more than just mine? >> yes. >> let's spin around the smucker's jars. happy 100th birthday to vera kenison. she educated young minds for 70 years. mary haggerty is also 100. she is from vermont. the secret to longevity, a glass of scotch every night. and happy 100th birthday to eileen dennis. she ran a nursing home for 30 years. and graham hermson of wisconsin is celebrating 102 years. he worked in the cheese packing business and is a huge green bay packers fan. of course. arzella johnson, a fisherman.
8:54 am
and a happy 100th birthday to joseph ockman. his life was featured in a documentary. how cool is that. if you know somebody celebrating a milestone birthday or an versusry, tell us at speaking of celebrating. we mentioned it 17 times today. but it is your birthday, dylan. we have a cake here. candles to be lit later. there they are. there you go. >> a sun on there. thank you, guys. and this fun drink. >> elizabeth made this drink specially for you. >> it's extra strong. thank you. >> happy birthday, dylan. >> blow out the candle. >> make a wish. >> good luck with that. >> it's hard from this chair. >> what do you have coming up in the next hour? >> dean cain.
8:55 am
this is strong. dean cain is our co-host today. and the actors from the movie "detroit" coming out on friday. >> and i hope we talk about my birthday some more. >> i have a feeling it's on the menu. >> it's cool out here. chilly, isn't it? >> good thing we have a fire. >> i'm sweating. the fire here. >> matt told me to get a towel. >> we're all a little -- happy birthday. have a great day. back after these messages and your local news. i )m ...
8:56 am
a controversial development plan in los gatos is moving it is 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. a controversial development plan in los catos is moving forward. originally it was denied but it was overruled by a superior court judge. phase one was approved by the city council. it proposes 320 homes and more than 66,000 square feet of commercial space.
8:57 am
the mercury news says senior housing quality remains a sticking point. happening now, the search continues for a woman police say stabbed a san jose man after robbing him. it happened late last month. we posted a picture of the woman to our website. plus 275,000 glitter iphone cases are being recalled. knick's b in electronics, the company that makes the cases says it's suspended in liquid nerve, reports those cases are leaking and causing burns, irritating people's skin. stanford physicians are preparing to share the latest research on how exercise impacts youth and mental health. that begins in just gave minutes. more local news coming up in half-an-hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," dean cain is our celebrity co-host. be ready for surprises. and then, darren kcriss is leaving the dream and a new role. plus, some fast summer fashion that will save now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning, august 2nd, 2017. this is "shoutout to my ex." >> not way back. but throwing back a little built. >> do you shoutout to your ex, though? >> no.
9:01 am
it's all good. but probably not. al is on assignment. here to mix it up with us, is our celebrity co-host, dean cain. >> going to mix it up. shoutout to your ex. i don't want to talk about that. >> what? >> we didn't date. >> who? >> you and i. >> oh, i thought you were talking about the girl you went on the date with. >> you had to bring it right there. >> that's what america thought you were talking about. you've been quite the jet setter lately. you went to sleep at midnight? >> i landed here at midnight. came in from london, from spain. >> okay. >> via london. i was with you last, i was all over europe, running around, with my son. >> since i left you last, i've been working. you've been traveling around spain. >> i was in spain with my boy. in london there. about to fly home. therefore, the telephone booth. and that weird guy was following me on the escalator in heathrow. >> is that your son? >> that's my boy. he was angry with me.
9:02 am
>> why was he back? >> were you fighting? >> i make him walk seven steps behind me. >> that it's just you. >> we were cruising. we had been up late the night before. celebrating my birthday. i know it's your birthday now. birthdays are happening. we're both 27. congratulations. >> we're both leos. >> i believe it. >> yeah. we're both leos. >> no sympathy for you. you haven't slept. but you have a big night tonight. a premiere. >> a short film at the l.a. short film festival. called "state of award." >> l.a.? you're flying back? >> after this, on a plane back in time for this. i'm not messing around. >> with the scruff. >> it's character. he's a police officer. his last name is ward. and a short, you can't give away too much information. things are not as they seem. we'll be doing that tonight. >> how short is it? >> about 15 minutes.
9:03 am
>> oh. >> if you talk about it -- >> it's over. that's all i can say. but the whole scruff and everything. >> do you like having scruff? >> i want to shave in three days. sometimes, you're out and you're on vacation. get a little grizzly and it feels pretty good. i was happy to shave this morning. >> i can't wait to see this go down this morning. you're flying back after this. what time does it start? >> 8:00 tonight. my son is with me here. christopher, with me. there's my boy. >> part of the family. >> he is. i have been dragging him all through europe. he had a blast. has to see the orthodontist. >> why did you tell us that? >> he's trying to get them off early. and i am trying to make him keep them on. >> i didn't notice you had braces. >> why do you want them off early. can you do that? >> you're not supposed to. >> he can just wear a retainer or the head gear.
9:04 am
>> everyone finds that attractive. >> he says no to the head gear. >> you wear it to class, you're not getting dates. >> dylan doesn't have problem with that. >> i'm married. >> i mean in high school. you wore head gear recently? >> no. i wore it to bed. >> you kept it on as long as you're supposed to, right? >> yes. >> if you want teeth like these beauties, keep it on. >> you f you wear your retainer you're you're supposed to, i was throwing it away. they shift. they change. if you don't listen to them, they do move back. >> i'm going to say about the that whole thing is, never any braces. >> really? >> i got crooked teeth here. >> a little crooked. >> a little crooked. >> that's pretty cool. last night, i didn't get to sleep until 11:00. i can't talk. we went to a screener of
9:05 am
"detroit." the movie that comes out on the 4th. it was good. >> intense. >> you know it's intense when the movie is over, the credits roll, and some theaters, people pop up. you stayed there and take it in. we're going to talk to the actors later this morning. it was heavy. very good. >> i happen to have been there. it was in 1967. i was born in detroit, 1966. i don't remember it very well. the fact i was there, i'm looking forward to the film. i don't remember anything. >> to know that was all going on around you. >> yeah. >> very excited. >> a good interview coming up this morning. the top of the show, we talked about the date that didn't keep going. or did it? >> my date? >> you went on a date with a woman that his mom chose. not a bad date, right? >> she's lovely. wonderful. i hadn't been home since there. i had not. i have been in europe and all over everywhere. but the date was nice. she is a very nice girl.
9:06 am
she wasn't in europe. >> joe jonjje jonas was on tv t about the worst date. mine wasn't the worst date. what was joes? >> the best of the worst. >> he was saying he was on a hammock. and he leaned in for the kiss. but his date fell asleep because she had too much wine on the date. >> she was pulling one of those, i'm asleep. i'm kidding, joe. kidding. >> do you remember your worst dates? >> i wouldn't call them dates. people come over. and you're trying to impress somebody. >> hanging out. >> yeah. there was a guy over. let me cook something. >> it was over right there. >> i made some chicken. set it out. had everything nice. he goes to cut the chicken. and blood just gushes out. um, you want to order?
9:07 am
>> he got to see you, you know, improvise. >> oops, i tried. i don't know what happened. did i have it up too high? it was like a fountain. >> gross. >> not a good look. what about you? >> mine wasn't a worst date at all. it's the reason why i fell in love with brian. we were on a date. it was like a brunch thing. and for him in his mind, he was mortified because the tables were close together. a little place in boston. he goes to step to his seat and he plants his whole foot in someone else's purse. he's trying to tip-toe around. would you look at that. my foot's in your purse. >> and that worked? >> it was the -- i fell for him in that moment because how embarrassing. your first date. and you just do something like that. and you're trying to be cool. >> that's pretty good. >> he's probably dying inside. >> and we laughed about it.
9:08 am
immediately just was -- this is going to be fun. >> i love that. >> quick thing. i had one date, it wasn't so good. she sang herself out of a next date. that's all i'm going to say, with the radio. it didn't work. she was singing as the radio was playing. this is not going to happen again. >> dean. >> you are picky. no wonder you don't have a girlfriend. >> yeah. she sang herself out. >> she is probably blasting her heart out. thinking -- that is horrible. >> i know. i'm a horrible person. >> that's not fair. talk about e-mail rules you should know. did you send an e-mail before you were finished? or you sent it before you corrected it. add the e-mail address last. >> that's so smart. >> i always do that. i type up the e-mail. and the last thing i do, was put in the e-mail address. >> just in case. >> that's good. >> rule number one, that's great. >> and here's another one, well, make sure -- this is true.
9:09 am
make sure you spell the recipients name correctly. and don't hit reply all. >> you don't know who is on there. >> one thing i will say for anyone e-mailing me, don't say mr. dylan. you have no idea who you are e-mailing if -- >> you get that all the time, probably? >> i won't play bills addressed to mr. >> that's why collection agencies are looking for you. just ahead, the play that got a standing ovation at fenway park. have you seen this? the baseball catch of the year. the baseball catch of the year. you have ♪ ♪ ♪
9:10 am
♪ ♪ the best way to get together is with a treat you make together. ♪ ♪ but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. bmilk and fresh cream,a. and only sustainably farmed vanilla. what is this? a vanilla bean? mmm! breyers the good vanilla. we use non-gmo sourced ingredients in some of america's favorite flavors. mmm! ♪...from far away. but they only ♪harsee his wrinkles.♪ ... ♪if only harry used some... ♪...bounce, to dry.
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9:12 am
or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. never give up. see me. see me. clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. back with more of "today's take." our friend, dean cain. you're a friend now. not a celebrity co-host. >> i want to be your buddy. just hanging. just hanging out. >> did you see this video? we were all talking about it this morning. an incredible baseball moment last night. >> baseball fans said this could
9:13 am
be the craziest catch of the year. the cleveland indians against the red sox. fifth inning. austin jackson leaped into the bullpen area to make a catch and held on to the ball as he fell in. >> oh. >> that is insane. but once he's out of the ballpark, does that make it a home run? i don't know. what happened? >> he caught it. >> he stole it. he went over the fence, still a home run. >> it's an out. >> an out. >> yeah. >> the red sox still won, i'll say. but whatever. >> the red sox would have won by five if they -- look at that catch. look at his body control. holds himself up. >> here's what i want to know. i was a second baseman, i never played outfield. do you know going into it there's a fence there and you're going to topple over it? >> if you're smart, you do. he knew it. you do this. you look up. you go. and you go, i'm going to get close and lean over it. >> crazy. >> what an athlete.
9:14 am
>> remember that time i hit you in the face with a pie? >> i remember really well. that was the last time i was here. >> speaking of pies, can we talk about cake. it's your birthday today. >> yay. >> here's the thing. i feel like, we have to do something special. come on. >> brian is here. >> yay. >> and a sunshine take. >> a weather theme. happy birthday. >> i spufk lspecifically asked t night. >> did anybody ask you to do anything? no. they waited to this morning to say it. >> did you hear dylan talking about how much she loves you in your date when you put your shoe in somebody's -- >> that was a first date. >> you won because of that. >> it was make-or-break. i thought break. >> it was make. >> my shoe is in your purse. >> so romantic. it was your birthday, too. we don't want to leave you out. >> i saw someone changing in a
9:15 am
phone booth outside. >> that's why you married him. >> what are you talking about. >> a baby. >> yes. >> there's tears in her eyes already. my gosh. get out. i want to marry him now. >> happy birthday. >> it's going on. >> can i hold him? >> my gosh. >> look at that. >> would you like to stick your entire face in this cake? >> yes. >> would you like to eat the whole cake. my gosh. >> this is the best thing in the world. superman is holding calvin. >> guys, thank you so much. i'll see you later. i can't hold christopher like this anymore. he shuns it. you are awesome. >> it's superman. >> that's true. >> you want to hold him? >> this is an awesome moment right now. >> you are watering up. you're so soft now.
9:16 am
>> don't you have to do weather? >> yes. this weather is actually pretty topical. it was your birthday. look at this weather map. we have all of these cool places across the country. we have clark, missouri. we have deanville, west virginia. deans borough, new york. cape. metropolis, louisiana. deanville. who knew so many places were named dean. there's kent. look at that. i didn't talk about any of the weather. pointing out some of the towns across the country. that's a look at your weather across the country. good morning, i'm kar iex ha hall, it will be hot reaching up to 102 degrees. cooper ee coopertino 93 degrees.
9:17 am
oakland up to 80 degrees and for the peninsula 67. san francisco reaching into the mid 70s in the mission district, and the north bay as hot as 96 in sonoma. >> he's flying. sorry. i know i have things to do. okay. up next, how to raise kind kids. what every parent should know after this. >> you need to show his smile. >> you need to show his smile. look at this. she's nationally d for her compassion and care. he spent decades fighting to give families a second chance. but to help others, they first had to protect themselves. i have afib. even for a nurse, it's complicated... and it puts me at higher risk of stroke. that would be devastating. i had to learn all i could to help protect myself. once i got the facts, my doctor and i chose xarelto®. xarelto®... to help keep me protected.
9:18 am
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9:19 am
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9:21 am
for most kids heading back to school, it's exciting. for families without resources, back-to-school can be challenging. >> we want to show you how to help by teaching your children out to be thoughtful and kind to others. here is meredith sinclair. >> good morning. >> we have a lot of good stuff. you have paint swatches. >> we're teaching kids kindness. we want to do it in things they're already doing every day. in the summertime, kids craft a
9:22 am
lot. pick a craft that's fun and easy. then, give back. we made these bookmarks. i made three cards. and i learned how to make these tassels on a video tutorial in a second. and then, have a book drive in your neighborhood. and take the books and the bookmarks to a children's center, the y. and now, we're going to give back, as well. >> brilliant, absolutely. i love it. have to go to the lemonade stand. this is what i was hoping to get to. >> lemonade stand is a staple for kids. instead of using the profits for yourself, this is a time to talk where can we give back? we have the kids making fun things like watermelon stars to go inside. then, what you do is research with your kids some fun places to give back. nonprofits. or are
9:23 am
great resources for you and your family to look and find and pick one and give back. >> when the kids are involved, it makes the giving that much sweeter. they learn to love it. >> something they love doing. >> and get them busy, too. >> i like how he is using the tongs, too. >> the next is to give to businesses that are giving back. if there's a hair salon doing free haircuts. or this is the pair up program from jcpenney. they're going to give a pair to the y, up to 750,000 fairs for back-to-school. as a former teacher, kids need pencils and paper. they do. but kids in need also need the basics. >> you don't have the basics, you're not going to feel good. that's huge. >> the bday before, you would st out your outfit. all the way down to the
9:24 am
understood undies. >> my kid is 17. he buys his own stuff now. >> this last activity is fun. not every kid goes back with a new lunchbox or healthy snacks. we've taken old-school lunchb lunchboxes. and painting them with chalkboard paint. and fill them with healthy snacks. and donate it to your local y. the children's center. had a fun time making a craft with you. >> i love this idea. and you can make a little message on there. for your kids, too. >> that's a win. >> way winner. coming up, from strappy sand sandal blisters to torn hems, we have the hacks that are save your summer style. first, your local news. i love this.
9:25 am
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♪ i )m ... we )re following breag news- we )re getting reports of a vegetation fire in fremont. it )s burning behind homes along canyon heights drive in good morning, everyone. we're following breaking news, a fire in fremont burning behind homes in kan yeon heights drive. nbc sky ranger, our helicopter is on the way. also developing now, investigation of a shooting near heyward. shots fired near homes in the 2100 block of ocean view drive near apple avenue. one person was hit, the severity of the injuries not clear. >> happening today, a judge will decide if three political consultants will go to jail for corruption. among the consultants expected
9:27 am
in court today, keith jackson, former san francisco school board president. jackson and two others pleaded not guilty to allegations. they are also accused laundering mayor ed lee's campaign money. we'll take a look at money and traffic after the break.
9:28 am
good morning, i'm kari hall. we're tracking some unusual activity with thunderstorms well south but moving through parts of santa barbara. there is a chance we'll see dry lightning and a few isolated thunderstorms after temperatures top out in the triple digits. we'll be up to 80 degrees in oakland, san francisco a high of 75. let's get a update on the morning commute from mike. >> here is a live look at that
9:29 am
commute for san jose. the north 101 from 680 and that same stretch there shows you how slow northbound 280 -- the reason being the earlier crash and mixing it earlier and clear just a few minutes ago. an easier drive around most of the rest of the bay. traveling across the dunbarton bridge. there it is on the left with more slowing doing up into coopertino. orego otherwise no major surprises. >> more local news in half an hour, in the meantime, check out nbc bay area dotcom.
9:30 am
as ever woman knows, summer fashion comes with its share of problems. blisters, scuffed sneakers, torn hems. >> today, we show you some of the fixes. >> thank you for having me. >> you start with a white shirt. after a while, they get dingy. >> what is the secret? >> caring for your whites is easy. you want to wash them often. pretty much after every wear. if you have a little discoloration around the neckline or underneath the arms, you can put a light bleach detergent on top of the stain. let it sit. and use a toothbrush and just throw it in the wash.
9:31 am
also, sunlight is a natural brightener. it's the same reason a bright color would fade. the whites get really bright. having it out in the sun to dry for a little bit. >> how about the commercials, when they line-dry them. >> what's with the lemon? >> lemons have natural acidity. if you squeeze lemon juice and add it to the detergent, it's a natural bleaching agent. >> it probably smells good, too. sandals. i've had so many wears pairs of that i don't wear because they hurt. >> they can rub and be tight. >> i had sandaled stretch and they become misshapen and don't fit as well. i recommend wearing a thick sock and wearing the sandal. wear them around the house and they form to your foot. when you take them off, they fit you much better. and deodorant.
9:32 am
you put a little on the souls of your feet. it keeps them from perspiring. >> you have shoes that get funky. >> i have the shoes by the front door. i hope the door and you can't keep them there. what do we do? >> for kids' shoes, obviously, and slides, which are popular this summer. good old-fashioned baking soda. >> just pour it in? >> you can sprinkle it in the shoes. the kids are never wearing socks. you can let it sit overnight. you don't have to do anything to clean it. you just tap it out in the morning. >> dana, i will keep you posted. >> these shoes are so bright white. but i know they're not going to stay that way. >> you get your white sneaker and you get a scuff. mr. clean magic eraser, use it for the scuffs on your wall. it takes off any mark on a shoe. just like that.
9:33 am
>> is it that simple? >> it's that simple. >> the tub, the walls, amazing. >> it's perfect for sneakers. you're on the go. and the hem comes out of your dress. and double-stick tape is perfect. i pretaped this one. you just have to stick it. stick it. and before you have time to get to the taylor, it will hold you. >> i do that to my jeans. >> this last hip, this is a denim tip. if you don't have time, you are in a rush, and you don't want to try on denim, you can wrap the denim around your neck, if the waistband touches in the back, it will fit you in the waist. these are the same pair of
9:34 am
jeans. >> take it. >> and if it touches comfortably in the back, it will fit. if it doesn't reach, it will be too tight. if it overlaps, it will be too loose. >> that's the coolest thing i've ever heard. >> we tried in and all of the editors, we were getting a kick out of it. >> we're going to go downstairs. we wore jeans today. up next, the dramatic real-life event that played out on city streets. now, on the big screen. we will catch up
9:35 am
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there's a new movie coming out on friday called "detroit," getting amazing reviews and oscar buzz. >> it's about the race riots of 1967. the relationship between the police and the citizens of detroit. and what happened one night at the algiers motel. >> will poulter and algee smith
9:39 am
are two stars of the film. i saw the screener last night here in new york city. it's heavy but so good. at the end, people have to let it sink in. it was directed by kathryn bigelow. she won an oscar for "the hurt locker." talk about this script. it is heavy. >> i didn't know a lot about -- during the audition process, i didn't know about the film. kathryn kept us in the unknown. every day on the set was a new experience what was happening. when i found out about the history that was involved in this, and i never knew about the algiers motel. when i found that part out, i was game. i was all-in. >> what about you? and talk about the movie for people who don't know what happened. >> of course. so, set against the backdrop of the 1967 rebellion. and the algiers motel incident actually, unfortunately, resulted in three young african-american men losing their lives at the hands of the
9:40 am
police. seven other people were kind of viciously brutalized including two women. so, you know it's an important story to tell, these people, when given social justice. we shed light on the story. and bring awareness to it. >> this is a historical piece. it took way before you were born. i was there, i was 1 year old. my birthday was a couple days ago. had you known anything about this before you started the film? >> i'm from saginaw, michigan. i knew about a lot of the rebellions taking place around the u.s. but i didn't specifically know about the algiers. when i got this part, that was a complete history lesson for me, as you say. one of our cast mates, jason mitchell, he call s us his historians. to be able to put this out for
9:41 am
multiple generations to finally hear truth is a blessing. >> what's it like for you? you live in london, clearly. >> that surprised me, by the way. no. >> what is it like for you to be in this movie that's so much a part of american history? >> yeah. i think for as much as it's a part of american history, i think it's incredibly relevant for everyone, worldwide. we've had amazing reactions from people, you know, an international level. just screening it here, recently, a woman from brazil, she was like, thank you. this is so relevant to what's going on today. i'm british. and jack reynor who play two of the other cops, we have a painful racial history. that's something that everyone needs to learn more about. develop empathy around the subject. entirely relate havenevant for .
9:42 am
i would encourage everyone to see this movie. >> a big part of it is music. in the movie, you're part of a group called the dramatics. your song isn't it on the charts already? congratulations. i was telling them the new edition movie was out. we were like, you're ralph in the movie. you have a song out. and i heard something this morning, quickly. you sang with the real -- larry reed? >> yeah. >> you sang with him in a song. >> first of all, shutout to larry reed. he's an amazing guy, still to this day. he actually was in the group called the dramatics back in the day, an amazing group. for those that don't know. ♪ look in my eyes and don't just see water ♪ somebody will know that. i got a chance to tell his story. i wrote a song for the film called "grow" that was on the soundtrack. >> which is incredible. >> and me and larry got to sing that song. to have him thing with me, that was incredible. but my e.p. is on itunes right
9:43 am
now. >> algee smith, will poulter, congratulations. "detroit" hits theaters on friday. what are you doing tonight? >> i have a show at s.o.b.s tonight. we sold it out. >> sold out already? >> he might get you tickets. >> you might sneak in the back door. i know him. i know him. >> right. >> i swear, i know him. can you do w good morning, i'm kari hall. it is a hot day in san jose. livermore on par with yesterday's high of 103 degrees. napa up to 96, san francisco reaching 75 degrees. also an increase in humidity with more clouds moving in. potentially this evening and throughout the day tomorrow and the dry air coming back for the end of the weekend to the weekend. also a slight chance of
9:44 am
thunderstorms. >> and that's your latest forecast. coming up next, another star bringing a real-life drama to the screen. the screen. darren criss, his tak in any light, transitions® lenses help protect from uv rays and harmful blue light. both indoors... and out. they seamlessly adapt. so you can live the good light™. find an eyecare professional at now, finance your glasses with no interest if paid in full within six months, and get up to $30 back when you combine select essilor® brand lenses. visit for more details. ♪ real energy harnessed from the earth. nature valley.
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the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> audiences first got to know singer, actor, broadway star, darren criss seven years ago when he joined the series "glee." >> and soon, darren will be headed back to the small screen in "american crime story: the assassination of johnnier havy e versace." >> good morning. nice to have you here. >> i have a lot of stuff going on. >> you're busy. >> talk to us about elysefest. >> it went on sale yesterday. and goes on sale on the 4th, i believe friday. our third year, it started in new york city. the short hand is the coachella of cabaret.
9:49 am
a pop culture cabaret, performing an outdoor situation, instead of a velvet seat. you can be loud and rowdy. we released this song in tandem with that. >> really quickly, we said you are starring in "american crime story." we saw the cover from "entertainment weekly." talk about your character and the photos. >> the best actor i did in my life is standing next to ricky martin and penelope cruz. that's the hardest acting job of the gig. >> performing "i dreamed a dream" from "les miserables" darren criss, take it away. >> thank you, guys. ♪ i dreamed a dream of time gone by ♪ ♪ and hope was high and life
9:50 am
worth living ♪ ♪ i dreamed that love would never die ♪ ♪ i dreamed that god would be forgiving ♪ ♪ then i was young and unafraid ♪ ♪ and dreams were made and used and wasted ♪ ♪ there was no ransom to be paid ♪ ♪ no long unsung, no wayine untasted ♪ ♪ but the tigers come at night with their voices soft as thunder ♪ ♪ as they tear your hope apart ♪ ♪ as they tear your dream to shame ♪
9:51 am
♪ she slept a summer by side filled by days with endless wonder ♪ ♪ she took my childhood in her stride ♪ ♪ but she was gone when autumn came ♪ ♪ and still i dream she'll come to me ♪ ♪ and we will spend the years together ♪ ♪ but there are dreams that cannot be ♪ ♪ and there are storms we cannot weather ♪ ♪ i had a dream my life would be ♪ ♪ so different from this hell i'm living ♪ ♪ so different now than what it
9:52 am
seemed ♪ ♪ now life has killed the dream i dreamed ♪ [ applause ] >> oh, yeah. >> thank you. >> fantastic. >> thank you. >> you guys -- >> fab tantastic. >> he was squealing for you. back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. you make it seem so easy. >> the effortlessness. this busy mom spends her days driving all over town.
9:53 am
so why is she smiling? because she shopped during the safeway anniversary sale and filled up her trunk with grocery savings, plus earned 4 times the gas reward points.
9:54 am
now that's something to smile about. right now, get pepsi 12-pack 12-ounce cans, buy 2 get 2 free, and lay's chips, 9.5 -10 ounces, 2 for $5 with your club card. the safeway anniversary sale. come in and explore. we actually can't focus because we got cuteness overload. dean, thank you, by the way. >> the next generation, right
9:55 am
there. >> the next generation superman. >> will calvin be joining us at 10:00? >> do you want him to? >> amazing cake is from here in new york city. brian, you're awesome. >> yes, he is. >> i just carry the baby. >> jesse metcalfe, james vand dr beek and visiting of the dallas cowboy cheerleaders. >> your local news, we're going to, right now.
9:56 am
good wednesday morning, i'm kari hall, it will be another hot day in the valleys. santa rosa, expect a high of 80 degrees. up to 103 in the tri-valley.
9:57 am
advisories in effect for the hills. san francisco will see clearing today with a high of 75. also watching out for a chance of lightning across the bay area this evening and higher humidity. what's happening on the roads, mike? >> i think that lightning could be spectacular. the roadways looking already. we have a number of crashes that have cleared in the last 45 minutes. southbound 101 still jammed up. you just saw the sensors turn from red to orange. usually indicates we cleared those lanes. meanwhile getting toward the bay bridge toll plaza. the fast track lanes are moving bett better, but it is not even 10:00 so it is wednesday. >> happening now, president trump signed his russia sanctions bill into law. it restricting trump's own ability to ease sanctions put in
9:58 am
place against moscow by former president barack obama. the sanctions were in response to russia's meddling in the election. amazon hosting a massive job fair today. they want to offer thousands of jobs on the spot.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie gifford and ho hoda kotbe. >> it's my all-time favorite day, it's my daughter's birthday. she's 24. >> she's not 24. >> she's in los angeles, i miss her. but it's also dillon's


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